High-speed Photonics Chip Design Engineer

About AFR:

Incorporated in 2000, AFR is a leading provider of passive optical components, designed mainly for telecommunication, fiber laser, data center, autonomous vehicle, fiber sensor and bio-medical equipment applications. AFR designs and manufactures advanced and cost-effective passive components and modulators at our ISO 9001-certified and ISO 14001-certified facility in Zhuhai, China. 

AFR specializes in high-power handling fiber optic components and polarization maintaining components. Our 1064 nm high power components are capable of handling up to 10 kW on average, and 100 kW peak optical power for fiber laser applications. Our PM components offer excellent optical performance, e.g., high extinction ratio and low insertion loss, as well as high reliability and have become the key enablers of broadband optical networks, high-speed optical test equipment, fiber sensing, and other PM optical systems. 

AFR is led by a strong management team, many of whom possess more than a decade of successful technology or management experience in the fiber optic industry in the Silicon Valley. Our goal is to become our customers’ first choice for high-power handling & PM fiber optic components, and to promote our world-class optical technologies in the global market.   

Strong theoretical background on high-speed photonics;

Familiar with high-speed passive RF component and transmission circuits in various media;

Familiar with high-speed EO and OE photonics chip design such as silicon photonics chips and III-V photonics chips;

Familiar with high-speed connectivity solutions such wire bonding, BGA, and flip-chips;

Familiar with high-speed RF and EO/OE design software such as, HFSS, COMSOL, CST and Lumerical;

5+ or more years of related experience.

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