Senior Control Systems Engineer

XCIMER Energy Company is a startup pursuing baseload energy production from inertial fusion.  We are using the same fundamental physics recently proven by the NIF (National Ignition Facility), made economically viable by XCIMER’s novel, low-cost laser architecture. XCIMER was founded in 2021 by a team of experts in high-energy laser systems, nuclear physics, and fusion engineering, and is backed by leading clean energy and deep-tech investors. XCIMER’s comprehensive, integrated design for a power plant has been analyzed and reviewed by independent experts and offers the most assured path to put fusion energy on the grid within 10 years. XCIMER is currently finalizing plans for construction of a prototype, multi-kJ laser facility to demonstrate critical aspects of the XCIMER laser architecture.

Xcimer is looking for a control systems engineer to help us build state-of-the-art UV laser systems for nuclear fusion.  We are a small, dynamic, and highly motivated team focused on the most plausible path to bringing fusion to the grid.  You will have the opportunity to apply broad electrical engineering skills and technical leadership to complex problems, and directly contribute to the design of active beam control systems for high energy lasers.


Your role will be concentrated on designing an overall control systems architecture to control deep UV high energy laser beam alignment, pointing and wavefront to target.  You will work closely with the optical engineering, mechanical, and software teams to facilitate operation, beam control, and diagnostics using numerous electro-optical subsystems and component-level devices. You will be responsible for innovative approaches and implementation architecture for pointing control subsystems (slow/fast steering mirrors and tracking sensors), adaptive optics subsystems (deformable mirrors and wavefront sensors), and diagnostic subsystems (alignment recovery hardware, power meters, beam characterization sensors, laser trackers, etc).

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