Researcher in Optical Time Transfer | National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


Posted: 20-Jan-23

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Type: Full Time

Salary: $76k-$119k.



Job Function:


Technical Division:

Optical Communications (PC)

Optical Metrology (OR)

Quantum Optical Science and Technology (OQ)

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Salary Details:

More senior candidates will also be considered at a salary range of $109k-$160k.

Required Education:


The Fiber Sources and Applications Group at NIST, Boulder is seeking one or more individuals for projects focused on the application of optical frequency combs to time-frequency transfer and ranging.

The group has developed optical two-way time-frequency transfer techniques capable of synchronizing clocks to within a femtosecond over 100-km scale paths and at terrestrial velocities.  We have also developed comb-based techniques to perform ranging with nm-level precision.  To do this, we have leveraged the advent of robust optical frequency combs along with advanced digital signal processing techniques.

Current work focuses on (i) the continued advancement of optical methods of transferring time and frequency information for practical terrestrial and satellite operation, (ii) the combination of precision ranging with time transfer, and (iii) use of optical time-transfer for comparison of optical clocks and tests of fundamental physics.

We are seeking interested candidates for either a postdoctoral position or staff scientist. Applicants must have Ph.D. degree in physics or engineering, or equivalent experience, in research and development related to some of the following areas:  precision optical metrology; fiber optics; phase-locking of opto-electronic systems; signal processing approaches for analysis of data including evaluation of systematic and statistical uncertainties; modern digital signal processing; the design, fabrication, and operation of fiber-optic frequency combs; the basic principles, design, testing and integration of electro-optic systems for precision measurements. 

The position is located in Boulder CO. The salary range for this position is $76k-$119k. More senior candidates will also be considered at a salary range of $109k-$160k.  Please address any technical questions to Laura Sinclair, [email protected], or Nathan Newbury, [email protected]. If interested, please send a cover letter, resume and list of three references to Julie Zumhofe, [email protected].  

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