Post-Doctoral Researcher in Frequency Comb Spectroscopy | National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)


Posted: 20-Jan-23

Location: Boulder, Colorado

Type: Full Time

Salary: $76K-$119K



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Technical Division:

Applied Spectroscopy (IS)

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The Fiber Sources and Applications Group at NIST, Boulder is seeking one or more individuals for projects focused on the application of optical frequency combs to atmospheric sensing for measurement of air quality and greenhouse gases. Our group works to develop and apply open-path dual-comb spectroscopy (DCS) as new tool for atmospheric measurements over kilometer to multi-kilometer scale of many trace gases that are critical to climate change and air quality. We have demonstrated open-path DCS in the near-infrared spectral region for a variety of applications including determining greenhouse gases emissions in urban areas, oil/gas production regions, and in an agricultural setting. In addition, we have developed a new system in the mid-infrared spectral region that can measure more gases including volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are important for understanding ozone formation.

Current work focuses on (i) extending the measurement path length for urban greenhouse gas monitoring, (ii) measurements with vertical paths for satellite greenhouse gas calibration/validation, (iii) field deployments in collaboration with agricultural scientists to study greenhouse gas and ammonia emissions, (iv) field deployments in urban areas to study greenhouse gases and air quality, and (v) exploring other applications (field and laboratory) of DCS.

We are seeking interested candidates for either a postdoctoral position or staff scientist. Applicants must have Ph.D. degree in physics, chemistry or engineering, or equivalent experience, in research and development related to some of the following areas:  spectroscopy; laser systems; atmospheric measurements; physical chemistry; nonlinear optics; fiber optics; and signal processing approaches for analysis of data including evaluation of systematic and statistical uncertainties; modern digital signal processing; the design, fabrication, and operation of fiber-optic frequency combs; the basic principles, design, testing and integration of electro-optic systems for precision measurements.

The position is located in Boulder CO. The salary range for this position is $76k-$119k. Please address any technical questions to Ian Coddington ([email protected]), Kevin Cossel ([email protected]), or Brian Washburn ([email protected]).  If interested, please send a cover letter, resume and list of three references to Julie Zumhofe, [email protected]

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