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Posted: 17-Jan-23

Location: Tucson, Arizona

Type: Full Time



Job Function:


Technical Division:

Laser Systems (PL)

Lasers in Manufacturing (FL)

Years of Experience:


Required Education:

2 Year Degree

Job Summary

AdValue Photonics is solving some of the world’s toughest challenges through the application of peak performance laser light from practical and efficient fiber-optic platforms.  Fueled by rapid growth in industrial materials processing, national defense, and scientific research markets, we are hiring for several key roles.  By joining our team, you will directly impact our success and provide yourself a rare opportunity for professional growth. 

We are seeking a dedicated Laser Manufacturing Technician to assemble, align and test high-power visible and infrared laser systems.  The ideal candidate will be self-motivated, exquisitely organized, and highly collaborative.  Working onsite at our Tucson, AZ global headquarters, your primary role is to build, align and test commercial laser products following work instructions and manufacturing procedures.  This requires exceptional self-discipline and attention to microscopic details. 

Your daily job duties include receiving and completing task assignments for the work period; gathering necessary tools, fixtures, parts and subassemblies to construct lasers; operating and aligning laser sub-systems while adhering to safety protocol; characterizing and recording performance data for full lasers; and accomplishing all laser unit documentation requirements. 

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assemble precision optomechanical and optical subassemblies while achieving production schedule, quality, delivery, and safety objectives
  • Align high-value laser components with active high-power laser beams
  • Test optical assemblies and full laser systems to ensure compliance to defined standards
  • Assist in the completion of operations paperwork for proper processing and fulfillment of product orders
  • Conduct quality checks on the functionality of parts and components
  • Report on real-time status and conflicts to the production supervisor
  • Optimize safety and production efficiency by properly maintaining equipment and workstation area
  • Train and observe new or transferred employees
  • Comply with internal policies and industry regulations
  • Inventory, inspect and serialize incoming and outgoing parts for bills of materials
  • Provide feedback to the engineering team regarding errors or omissions in existing designs and documentation  
  • Execute tasks on research, development and engineering projects as needed

Requirements and Qualifications

  • Must have verifiable ability with most of the following technical skills:
    • Aligning optical systems, especially laser beam paths inside machinery
    • Handling small, sensitive, and high-value components with due care
    • Handling and cleaning laser optics
    • Manipulating, cleaving, and splicing optical fiber
    • Using laser measurement instruments
    • Performing precision mechanical and electrical assembly with hand tools and light power tools
    • Following complex transactional procedures
    • Working in a cleanroom environment
  • Physically able to lift items up to 50 pounds and walk, stand, lift, and reach for most of the workday
  • Proficient with modern business computing environments and software, e.g., Windows 11 with Microsoft Office applications
  • Able to prioritize work and succeed under the pressure of deadlines
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English
  • Technical or associates degree or 5+ years directly related experience
  • Personally organized, energetic, reliable, timely, and detail-oriented
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About AdValue Photonics

Located in Tucson, Arizona, proclaimed as the Optics Valley, AdValue Photonics is focused on being the worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of high quality, innovative, cost-effective fiber lasers, fiber amplifiers, fiber based broadband light sources, and optical fiber passive components. We are a value-adding and long-term partner with our customers. AdValue Photonics develops and manufactures fiber based lasers, light sources, and components by leveraging its innovative technology for the design and fabrication of advanced glasses and fibers. We optimize the entire process in house from chemical batch of fiber materials to assembly of fiber laser systems. Our innovations and capabilities in specialty glasses and fibers set us apart from many competitors using standard commercial fibers. Our creativity and in-depth expertise in specialty fibers has profound impact on the performance, quality, and cost of our products.

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