R&D Laboratory Support Technologist (Experienced)

Sandia National Laboratories is the nation’s premier science and engineering lab for national security and technology innovation with major facilities in Albuquerque, New Mexico and Livermore, California. We are a world-class team of scientists, engineers, technologists, post docs, and visiting researchers all focused on cutting-edge technology, ranging from homeland defense, global security, biotechnology, and environmental preservation to energy and combustion research, computer security, and nuclear defense. To learn more, please visit our website at www.sandia.gov.

What Your Job Will Be Like:

Our team is seeking a dedicated R&D Technologist.

On any given day, you may be called on to:

  • Interact with customers, other technologists, and staff supporting all of Sandia’s missions

  • Support staff in safely operating, installing, upgrading, and maintaining Metal Additive Printing systems in support of R&D, prototyping, and production activities. Other duties include a wide variety of data during metal printing including thermal, optical, acoustic then analyzing the information

  • Support Custom Part Processing with Laser Irradiation which includes (1) laser machining using CAD files to directly machine parts through ultrafast laser irradiation,(2) laser ablation and laser annealing to affect surface properties, (3) nanosecond laser machining of thicker parts using a variety of wavelengths, (4) Impact studies through laser flyer plate launch, and more. In addition to completing jobs for customers, you will help develop new capabilities, trouble shoot, repair, operate, and maintain a variety of pulsed laser systems

  • Operate, repair, maintain, and modify the VarioScale laser assisted chemical etching tool. Its capabilities include localized etching of Si by laser scanning, the shaping of surfaces, in situ end-pointing for thickness control, uses both pulsed and CW lasers, and laser deposition of selected metals.

  • Develop ES&H documentation such as operating procedures, pressure safety data packages, laser safety, electrical safety, etc.

  • Work safely in a collaborative environment and maintain security

Qualifications We Require:

  • Associates in laser/optical technology, or related engineering or technology field, or equivalent combination of education and experience

  • Experience and/or knowledge of Conventional or Subtractive Manufacturing

  • Experience and/or knowledge of Laser Based Metal Additive Manufacturing

  • Experience and/or knowledge of Lasers and Optics

  • Experience with CAD and CAM

  • Able to acquire and maintain a DOE Q clearance

Qualifications We Desire:

  • Experience operating, trouble shooting, repairing, and maintaining lasers

  • Experience working with open beam CW or pulsed lasers in a laboratory setting (laboratory class, research lab, or other)

  • Knowledge of electronics and electrical characterization

  • Knowledge of pressure systems and electro-mechanical systems.

  • Experience operating, trouble shooting, maintaining, and/or repairing Laser and Wire Arc based Metal AM printers

Apply Here: https://spiecareercenter.org/jobs/5378271