PhD Student or Post-Doctoral Researcher in Applied Spectroscopy | Colorado State University (Yalin group in Dept Mech Eng)


Posted: 08-Feb-22

Location: Fort Collins, Colorado

Type: Full Time

Preferred Education: Masters

Salary: TBD


Academia, Research Laboratory

Job Function:


Technical Division:

Applied Spectroscopy (IS)

Environmental Sensing (IE)

Optical Metrology (OR)

Optics for Energy (PS)

Systems and Instrumentation (FS)

Years of Experience:


Salary Details:

Post-doc commensurate with experience. (PhD students will receive regular university level stipends.)

Additional Information:

2 openings available.

Research Area 1: Laser Diagnostic of Plasmas and Electric Propulsion (EP)

Laser diagnostics provide state-of-the-art methods to non-intrusively probe gases and plasmas. A main objective of our research group is to develop and implement laser diagnostic methods to advance the understanding and capabilities of electric propulsion plasma thrusters (e.g., ion and Hall thrusters) used for satellites and space exploration. As part of the NASA center, Joint Advanced Propulsion Institute (JANUS), we are tasked with developing laser diagnostics including Cavity-Ring Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) to study thruster sputtering and erosion, and Two Photon Absorption Laser Induced Fluorescence (TALIF) to study densities of neutral atoms to examine facility effects.

Research Area 2: Laser Spectroscopy Systems for Technological Applications

We also have openings for projects related to technological uses of applied spectroscopy systems. These projects include: 1) developing laser diagnostic techniques, including Thomson scattering, to measure laser plasmas within high-power switches for Sandia National Laboratory (SNL), and 2) developing clean-room monitoring technology, for gas-phase species and particles, based on cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) techniques, in support of industrial semiconductor fabrication.

We have openings for both graduate students (MSc/PhD) and post-doctoral researchers to contribute to these projects. Researchers will gain experience with advanced laser diagnostics suitable for plasma, combustion and/or atmospheric sampling, while working in a diverse multi-disciplinary environment with collaborators from both within and outside CSU.

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