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Howard Rudzinsky and Jenifer Bunis are not at Photonics West 2022, but we are available to discuss your organization’s critical talent requirements in this challenging candidate driven employment market. For individuals, there is no better time in your career to look at your options than right now. Our clients are creating roles that fit the individual.  Whether it is a start up offering equity, or the opportunity to take that next promotional step up, or just to improve your financial situation, candidates haven’t seen this kind of labor market in 20 years!  Visit , If you need to speak to Howard or Jenifer discreetly/confidentially text/call him at 617/750-2663 and Jenifer at 206/499-2728

Jenifer brings 30+ years of experience in management of all aspects of Laser/Photonics Components, Systems, Applications as well as an extensive personal/business network in Photonics to RA.  Jenifer has been an RA Candidate, Client and now Sr Consultant, offering a unique perspective to candidates and clients alike.  Jenifer is West Coast based.  Jenifer can be reached at [email protected] 206/499-2728 by phone or text.

Rudzinsky Associates – “RA”, providing more than 50 years of continuous search, recruitment, placement, talent acquisition, consulting and research services to the  Photonics, Optics and High Technology Communities Nationwide and Globally. Rudzinsky Associates offers Professional Organizations and Professionals at all levels an unparalleled track record of success in talent acquisition and in career advancement/development to advance the objectives of organizations and individuals alike. RA adds value in all functions of Optics, Photonics and Engineering, including: Engineering, Operations/Manufacturing, R&D, Sales/Marketing. With 50 years of continuous experience and accomplishment as a firm, RA is uniquely positioned to assist your organization, or you individually with your talent acquisition or career objectives.  [email protected] c: 617-750-2663  See our changing list of career opportunities here: 

Rudzinsky Associates has numerous available roles with our clients nationwide!  Whether you are looking for an individual contributor engineering/ R&D role, or a leadership role, a Sales/Marketing/Product/Biz Dev role our clients are actively hiring top talent in all relevant disciplines:  Optics, Photonics, Lasers, Silicon Photonics, Optoelectronics, Quantum, Imaging, Instrumentation, Fiber Optics.  Skill sets are brought to bear in: scientific, oem, industrial, biomedical, defense, astronomical, sensing/detection, imaging and photovoltaics applications.

If you have thought of taking an exciting ride in a young emerging company offering equity, and the potential for great rewards, or taking your skill set from a smaller organization to a larger one, or vice versa, the range of opportunities is broad.  

There has been a paradigm shift in how organizations view employment, and how employees view employment, and Rudzinsky Associates can help you find the situation that works best for you and your family.

Reach out to Howard Rudzinsky, [email protected], 781-862-6727 office, 617-750-2663 cell to discuss your individual career situation / aspirations.

Reach out to Jenifer Bunis, [email protected], 206-499-2728 cell to discuss your individual career situation / aspirations.

Rudzinsky Associates, Providing 50+ years of ethical, professional career advice, and career advancement opportunities to the Optical, Photonics, Laser communities worldwide.

AS, BS, MS, PhD, or relevant equivalent experience in relevant technology areas:  Optics, EE, ME, Physics, Instrumentation, Quantum Technology, 

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