Explosives Research Experiment Lead | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

We have an opening for an Explosives Research Experiment Lead . You will lead experimental activities, under general direction, involving the use of high explosives and other energetic materials, supporting the stewardship of the U.S. nuclear stockpile, conventional weapons design, counterterrorism efforts, and commercial partnerships. This position is in the Weapons and Complex Integration (WCI) Directorate.

This position will be filled at either the SES.2 or SES.3 level depending on your skills. The position can be located in either Livermore, CA or Las Vegas, NV. Additional job responsibilities (outlined below) will be assigned if you are selected at the higher level.

In this role you will

  • Plan, execute, analyze and interpret explosively driven hydrodynamic experiments in collaboration with diagnostics operators, other scientists and high-level technical personnel, under limited direction.
  • Contribute original scientific/engineering solutions to the design of hydrodynamic experiments, applying knowledge and skills.
  • Develop experimental requirements and oversee the implementation of the various components of the experiment.
  • Perform, arm and fire experiments using highly explosive material.
  • Monitor the assembly of the experimental hardware, as a representative of the design physicist, to ensure that the moderately complex to complex assemblies meet specification.
  • Set-up (or direct the team responsible for the setup), align, and perform quality assurance checks on all dry-run data to ensure that the moderately complex to complex experiment is ready to be fired and that the expected data returned will be of the highest quality possible within funding targets.
  • Analyze and interpret moderately complex to complex experimental data, to document and report results, identify problems, plan projects to solve problems, and communicate lessons learned.
  • Present and disseminate research results to sponsors to document experiment and results, in open and classified environments, and monitor moderately complex to complex experiment costs and schedule performance.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Additional duties at the SES.3 Level

  • Independently develop and/or provide in-depth technical expertise with the multi-physics and other advanced computational tools to help model the expected performance of diagnostics where complex problems may not be well defined.
  • Manage and oversee multiple parallel complex experiments at different stages of development including the arming and firing of these experiments.
  • Identify, advocate and facilitate the addition of advanced diagnostics and data analysis techniques for explosively driven hydrodynamic experiments. Work with diagnostic designers to develop and integrate new capabilities. Lead projects requiring careful planning and execution in concert with effective teamwork.
  • Ability to obtain and maintain a U.S. DOE Q-level security clearance which requires U.S. citizenship
  • Master’s Degree in physics, engineering, a related field, or equivalent combination of education and related experience.
  • Experience performing hands-on experimental science, working around explosives and/or other energetic materials and using computer aided design tools and standard office computer tools.
  • Experience managing a project timeline including other personnel in a team environment.
  • Experience managing medium-size technical projects.
  • Demonstrated self-motivation and initiative in addressing challenging problems, and innovative skills to identify/develop creative solutions. Comprehensive understanding of a specific area of science applicable to hydrodynamic testing and familiarity with positions requiring formal conduct of operations.
  • Experience working effectively independently and in a multi-disciplinary, team-research environment to achieve multi-year goals. Interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence necessary to work effectively with a wide range of personalities.
  • Proficient written and verbal communication skills necessary to explain, negotiate and advise on experimental design.
  • Proficient interpersonal skills to communicate and work in both one-on-one and team environments.

Additional qualifications at the SES.3 Level

  • Advanced knowledge of physics, engineering, mathematics, mechanical, aerospace or nuclear engineering or a related field.
  • Significant experience and demonstrated ability to lead and mentor a multidisciplinary team.
  • Demonstrated record of completing and/or leading top-quality research in relevant areas of physics and engineering.

Qualifications We Desire

  • Experience diagnosing very fast transient phenomena, modeling transmission and effects of ionizing radiation.
  • Experience with radiography, high speed photography, Photonic Doppler Velocimetry, radiometry, pulsed power (flash lamps, fire sets), system generated EMP, grounding and shielding.
  • Experience with programming in a mainstream language (C Java, Python), use of analysis tools such as MATLAB and knowledge of the WCI weapons program, explosive hydrodynamic experimentation, and the optics, electro-optics, and radiographic technologies used at LLNL Site 300.

Apply Here: https://jobs.physicstoday.org/jobs/rss/15639136/explosives-research-experiment-lead