Extreme Ultraviolet Laser Science and Technology REU | Colorado State University

The Extreme Ultraviolet Engineering Research Center (EUV ERC), founded by NSF in 2003, has supported research experiences for undergraduates (REU) for a diverse group of 264 students from more than 40 US institutions. The Center conducts research and trains engineers and scientists in the area of lasers and photonics, focusing in particular in the generation and application of EUV light. This laser-generated shorter wavelength light is opening new revolutionary opportunities in science in areas including nanotechnology, materials, chemistry and biology. The EUV ERC REU program will provide students with a unique opportunity designed to understand EUV science and technology and to become involved in EUV-related research projects that are technically and scientifically challenging, and highly interdisciplinary.

Apply Here: https://jobs.physicstoday.org/jobs/rss/15792978/extreme-ultraviolet-laser-science-and-technology-reu