Senior Physicist and Interpretation Engineering Positions | Schlumberger Houston Formation Evaluation Center

Schlumberger is looking for innovators to shape the future of energy. If you share our passion for discovery, we’ll give you the platform to turn it into real impact. If you want to discover what you can do, then this is the place for you. 

We are looking for candidates with strong technical and communication skills, as well as the ability to foster effective working relationships with peers. Prior experience in the energy industry or industrial research labs is a plus but not required. Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit applications to the following: 

Schlumberger North America Technology Recruiters  
[email protected] 
North America Recruiting
13127 Trinity Drive
Stafford, TX 77077 

 Schlumberger is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, or other characteristics protected by law. 

1 Experimental Nuclear Physicist 

Qualifications or Experience: PhD or equivalent 

Date of Start: Immediate 

Description: Schlumberger has a job opening in Sugar Land, Texas for an Experimental Nuclear Physicist. The successful candidate will work with engineers and scientists to implement new instrumentation and software to introduce automation into both lab and shop tests. The candidate is expected to have a Ph.D. in Physics or equivalent. He or she should have a strong background in experimental nuclear physics, particularly with gas, scintillation, and/or solid-state detectors; photomultipliers; and read-out electronics. Experience with photomultiplier design or photocathode development is a plus. 

It is preferred that the candidate has practical experience in nuclear spectroscopy and data acquisition/analysis.  

2 Nuclear Physicist with an Emphasis on Modeling and Computation

Qualifications or Experience: PhD or equivalent 

Date of Start: Immediate 

Description: Schlumberger has a job opening in Sugar Land, Texas for a Nuclear Physicist with an Emphasis on Modeling and Computation. This position is primarily focused on engineering activities related to the design, characterization, and interpretation algorithm development for nuclear instrumentation intended for the exploration and development of subsurface energy resources. A core competency for these activities is computational physics, particularly the simulation of radiation transport and detection. This position also involves planning the acquisition of nuclear measurements, analyzing laboratory and field data, and integrating these results with simulations. The end-result of these efforts is a commercial service which delivers accurate and robust answers to our clients in a demanding high-temperature, high-shock environment. 

The ideal candidate should possess a working knowledge of radiation transport simulations of both neutrons and photons. Direct experience with the MCNP code is preferred. Additionally, the candidate should be familiar with the methods and tools for nuclear data acquisition and analysis.  

3 Two Interpretation Development Engineer (IDE) positions: Electromagnetics and Acoustics 

Qualifications or Experience: PhD or equivalent 

Date of Start: Immediate 

Description: Schlumberger has two openings in Sugar Land, Texas for Interpretation Development Engineers (IDE), one each for Electromagnetic (EM) and Acoustics (AC) interpretation-related projects. The IDE develops and maintains new or improved interpretation methods, algorithms, and workflows using a mix of applied mathematics expertise, software expertise and Petro-technical expertise. He/she will contribute to the development and support of the corresponding interpretation software applications and platforms, and needs to work seamlessly with a multidisciplinary team and present project progress to various internal and external clients. 


  • Participate in the scoping of new interpretation products: contribute in particular to the definition of algorithms, workflows and software requirements. Evaluate feasibility of new or improved interpretation methods, algorithms and products. Participate in the specification of the corresponding software product
  • Specify, develop, validate and maintain interpretation methods, algorithms, workflows and products as per project plan and technical objectives. Build prototypes, products and systems suitable to validate the applicability, robustness and performance of given interpretation methods, algorithms, workflows and products. Participate in the implementation, testing and sustaining of the corresponding commercial software
  • Define testing procedures for interpretation methods, algorithms, workflows and products. Carry out tests as per testing procedure and document test results and/or coordinate with others to perform tests
  • Contribute technical content for inclusion in the interpretation product documentation and training material
  • Provide advanced methodology and algorithmic support for commercial products and services  
  • Investigate and address in a timely fashion issues reported on algorithms, methods and corresponding software 
  • Investigate and propose new development areas in the Interpretation Engineering domains – for instance new or alternative techniques for data analysis, data visualization or inversion 

Qualifications & Experience:

  • Ph.D. in Science, Applied Mathematics, Geophysics or Engineering – or equivalent experience 
  • Strong background in applied math 
  • Extensive experience in advanced inversion algorithms, uncertainty analysis, and scientific programming (e.g.: C/C++, Python, MATLAB, etc.)  
  • Knowledge and experience in Petrophysics and/or Geophysics of the Oil & Gas industry is a plus 
  • Knowledge of sensor technologies, data science, statistical analysis, machine learning, and cloud computing is highly desirable 

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