Mechanical Engineer – Supports Systems Lead

Mechanical Engineer – Supports Systems Lead – 94100

Organization: EG-Engineering

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL Engineering Division ( has immediate openings for a Mechanical Engineer to join the team.

This is a matrix position within Engineering that supports the various user facilities and projects at LBNL.  Supported facilities and projects include, but are not limited to; the Advanced Light Source (, the Advanced Light Source Upgrade project (, DUNE (, and CMB-Sk (; and engineering support for the wide array of science and technology at LBNL. 

LBNL was based on a principle of team science.  It is the premise that everyone on the team or in support of the team is a contributor.  No idea is ignored.  All ideas are considered and included in the discussion.  It’s an exciting time to join our growing team!

This position will be hired at a level commensurate with the business needs; and skills, knowledge, and abilities of the successful candidate. 

The Mechanical Design Engineer will independently perform a variety of mechanical engineering tasks, taking responsibility for certain sub-projects and subgroups within a larger project/program.  This is a matrixed position that likely requires changing assignments/projects as work is completed or as project/program scope changes.  The Mechanical Design Engineer will use a broad array of analytical, computational, experimental, instrumentation, and hardware design skills in the development of particle accelerator components:

• Initiate the design, development, fabrication, and implementation of mechanical systems and components. Design and analyze mechanical equipment, detectors, and accelerator components and devices.

• Independently apply expertise in select core disciplines of mechanical design, finite element analysis, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, instrumentation, or electromagnetics to enable advances over a broad spectrum of scientific programs of national importance.

• Embedded within a larger project or program, provide engineering oversight and management of sub-projects, integrating multiple engineering and scientific components.

The Mechanical Design Engineer will be matrixed to the Advanced Light Source Upgrade Project (ALS-U) and will serve as the technical lead for the Supports and Alignment group.  ALS-U is a planned upgrade of the main electron particle accelerator complex of the Advanced Light Source (ALS) at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab that will provide revolutionary x-ray capabilities with up to 1000 times brighter x-ray beams.  ALS-U will replace the existing storage ring with a new, high-performance storage ring and the addition of a low-emittance, full-energy accumulator ring in the existing storage-ring tunnel to enable on-axis, swap-out injection (an exchange of electron bunch trains between the accumulator ring and storage ring).  More information can be found at:  The project is scheduled for completion in 2026.

Within the ALS-U Supports and Alignment team, the Mechanical Design Engineer will advance the storage ring support and alignment systems through final design and fabrication. The engineer will perform 3D CAD design work, provide supporting analysis, generate supporting cost and schedule information, develop procurement packages and specification documents and serve as the technical representative for procurement contracts.  The engineer will work together with mechanical designers to develop fabrication drawings and associated documents.



• Using extensive knowledge and experience of mechanical engineering concepts and tools, perform as a fully qualified and experienced engineer and group-level expert/resource.

• Participate in discussions of the engineering components of scientific initiatives, working with other divisions and scientists in problem-solving and defining procedures and goals.

• Independently prepare design specifications, analyses and recommendations for presentation and approval of scientific and management personnel.

• Plan, organize and conduct technical projects/programs involving the design, fabrication, modification, and evaluation of mechanical components.

• Formulate cost and schedule data associated with such components and prepare technical or progress reports.

• Take initiative to assist others in resolving issues outside immediate area of responsibility.

• May assume a critical role in a particular component of larger projects/programs.

• Provide expertise for other projects as needed.

• May supervise the work of technical and professional staff.

ALS-U Specific:

• Use a broad array of analytical, computational, experimental, instrumentation, and hardware design skills in the development of storage ring support and alignment systems design and fabrication.

• Oversee design, construction, and installation of accelerator support and alignment systems.

• Utilize 3D CAD programs and product data management software.

• Analyze technical data, designs, specifications, manufacturing facilities, and availability of parts and equipment.

• Establish performance criteria and specifications for manufacturing, assembly, and testing of support and alignment systems.

• Write specifications for procurements, including the gathering and organization of technical details and requirements.

• Organize, prepare and conduct design reviews with external reviewers in order to finalize system designs in preparation for procurement.

• Provide technical oversight to procurement staff, e.g. technical aspects of drawings, understanding of technical issues, advice on vendor qualifications, and technical details of contracts.

• Formulate cost and schedule data associated with such components and prepare technical or progress reports.

• Develop project scope and estimate related logistics, e.g. cost estimates and assembly/installation timelines.

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