Mechanical Engineering Department Head

Mechanical Engineering Department Head  – 94013

Organization: EG-Engineering

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is seeking a dynamic department leader with a national and/or international reputation of an outstanding record of mechanical engineering accomplishment to serve as the Mechanical Engineering Department Head.

Reporting to the Engineering Division Director, the Mechanical Engineering Department Head is responsible for providing vision and leadership for the mechanical engineering activities and developments as well as the operations activities of this large Department, overseeing a staff of about 200 staff members. The Department Head has full responsibility for all areas of management within the mechanical engineering areas including the large fabrication and assembly capabilities in the main shop complex, the satellites shops and other fabrication facilities.

The Department is structured into several areas of Mechanical Engineering Expertise supporting  Physical Sciences Area/programs as well as providing mechanical engineering project support across the laboratory.

A core mission  of the mechanical engineering department is to support laboratory projects and programs of all sizes by matrixing qualified staff directly to these activities. A critical function for the department head is to identify the staff, expertise and capabilities needed to execute the projects the Engineering Division is supporting. The Dept Head needs a critical eye and high standard for recruiting to have a team that can stay on the forefront of relevant technologies. The goal is to deliver complete engineering services including: design, analysis, fabrication, manufacturing, consulting and support for development of strategic initiatives.

The Department Head is expected to establish a culture of excellence and inclusion by recruiting a diverse population of outstanding engineers and support staff, enthusiastically supporting and promoting their career development. 

It is highly likely that the incumbent would be an engineer with significant experience and demonstrated competency and achievements, and who has contributed significantly to the Laboratory and/or to the external community in Mechanical Engineering. Consequently, s/he will also be expected to perform on-going research and development (R&D) activities in support of specific scientific and engineering programs within the Laboratory. These R&D activities may include conceptualization, design, planning, implementation, and completion of assigned projects which have a high degree of complexity and range in scope and that often results in solutions that have little or no precedent. This work is intellectual, non-routine, and requires independent judgment and decision-making.

The Department Head will serve as a member of the executive management team of the Engineering Divisions and will advise the Engineering Division Director in strategic investments, recruiting, department organization and development of future mechanical engineering capabilities.

About the Engineering Division:

Serving the entire Laboratory and performing technology R&D in its own right, Berkeley Lab’s   Engineering Division has been a partner of the other Physical Sciences divisions throughout their history.  

The Lab’s engineers conceptualize, design, and build the breakthrough instrumentation and scientific equipment that advances world-class scientific exploration and discovery. 

The Engineering Division (EG) has a diverse staff of about 400 and is organized into five departments:  Mechanical, Electronics-Software-Instrumentation, Magnetics, Manufacturing-CAD, and Project Controls Engineering. The EG staff is matrixed across the laboratory to support scientific projects and maintains significant fabrication and assembly spaces and capabilities. The “matrix” system provides Engineering staff with an intellectual home where line management has relevant subject-matter expertise; ensuring that projects and scientific programs have flexible, fast-ramp-up staffing options;  allowing  diverse professional development  opportunities; and ensuring that engineering tasks are carried out to high, uniform standards.

About the Mechanical Engineering Department:

The Mechanical Engineering (ME) Department partners with and supports projects of all sizes, providing engineering analyses, design, fabrication and manufacturing capabilities, simulation support, and project management resources.  The ME Department strives to develop and maintain unique fabrication capabilities, prototyping, and assembly methods for highly specialized scientific equipment. In addition, the Department forms partnerships with industry to transfer manufacturing lines and fabrication to outside shops. 

Seven mechanical engineering groups, and three large manufacturing and technology groups, provide the ME core areas of expertise that serve Berkeley Lab’s needs:  accelerator engineering, x-ray optics, precision (nanoscale) engineering, and large detector systems. The ME department manages projects throughout their entire lifecycle by tightly integrating the process from conceptual development through requirements management, design, manufacturing, technical assembly, commissioning, and operation.  Project lifecycle management includes feedback and data capture throughout.   

What You Will Do:

• Provide technical and operational leadership for the ME departments project and program engagements, overseeing nearly 200 employees and affiliates, including engineers, associate engineers, technicians, machinists, postdoctoral fellows, and students.

• Partner with the Operations Deputy to ensure operational efficiencies across the full range of operations areas, including budgets, workforce planning, human resources management, environmental health and safety, property, space and facilities management.

• Identify the staff, expertise and capabilities needed to execute the projects the Engineering Division is supporting and serve as a point of contact to partner divisions for mechanical engineering related challenges, projects and programs.

• Work collaboratively with the Engineering Division Director and the other Department Heads in the Engineering Division. 

• Lead the formulation of the strategic direction of mechanical fabrication and assembly capabilities including input form stakeholder divisions and areas.

• Address management and resource challenges of a complex organization; guide strategies for hiring, retaining, and developing a diverse staff.

• Foster a culture of diversity, inclusion, equity and accountability by following best practices in recruitment and promotion; engaging staff at all levels through communication, involvement and recognition; and encouraging diverse committees and panels.

• In collaboration with the Engineering Division management, HR, and other appropriate stakeholders assess/update the job classification descriptors consistent with LBNL requirements. 

• Provide leadership, mentor, and train mechanical engineering and technical professionals to provide the expertise needed for the Berkeley Lab’s science programs and projects.

• Provide strategic direction for the Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Tools, Mechanical fabrication and Mechanical technologies to position the Engineering Division for future needs.  

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