Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Engineer | Lightwave Logic, Inc

Lightwave Logic (LWLG) is a public material and device development company that is commercializing its proprietary organic nonlinear polymers for a variety of electro-optic devices, with primary applications in high-speed fiber-optic telecom and data communications. Our development roadmap is geared to disrupt the industry by introducing organic modulators and related photonic integrated circuits that have superior speed, lower power consumption, and smaller size than present inorganic devices. Our materials and devices are extendable into other applications, including sensors and instrumentation. We are seeking a Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) Engineer to work in our facility in Englewood, CO. Lightwave offers competitive compensation and benefits along with a fast-paced working environment.

Lightwave Logic is seeking an experienced PIC engineer with either III-V compound semiconductor and/or Silicon Photonics experience to enhance the company’s activities in developing our polymer PIC platform. This position requires hands-on experience in the design of PIC circuits and demonstrated fabrication and testing of the PIC circuits. Experience in data rates above 10Gbps is needed. The successful candidate will play a key role in the design, development, and qualification of polymer-based PICs for both active and passive devices so that Lightwave can build a library of components (mux, demux, modulator, waveguide, spot size converter, etc.). The candidate should have experience working with Silicon foundries and experience using Process Design Kits (PDKs).

Basic requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering or related field, plus 4+ years of relevant industry experience. Masters or Ph.D. degree preferred.
  • Design and modeling of PIC platform and the associated active and passive devices.
  • Experience with designing InP DFB lasers is highly desired.
  • Familiarity of III-V compound semiconductors and silicon-based material systems.
  • Fabrication and testing of PICs with associated statistical analysis of results and performance.
  • Working effectively as part of an inter-disciplinary engineering team that includes device designers, micro-fabrication engineers, packaging and test engineers, and technicians.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.

Desired skills

  • Three to five years’ experience working in PIC-based development and design environment. A plus would be experience in a commercial advanced development and manufacturing environment where PIC platforms have been productized.
  • Post graduate experience in designing, modeling, and simulation of high-speed photonic devices as part of a PIC platform.
  • Demonstrated technical innovation and experience in related disciplines such as multi-GHz photonic device evaluation and data analysis. A plus would be experience in coherent and tunable designs with control of intensity, polarization, and phase to high-speed digital signaling.
  • Experience with wafer level (probed) measurements and calibrations.
  • Experience operating complex scientific equipment and metrology tools.

Company Benefits

  • Fully paid medical, dental, and vision coverage (Employee and family)
  • Company contribution of $500/year (prorated) toward your medical FSA
  • PTO and holiday as spelled out in the Company’s Handbook
  • 401K (Safe Harbor, 4% match)

Interested candidates should send a cover letter and CV/resume to [email protected]

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