Computational Research Scientist/Engineer | Tech-X Corporation

Tech-X Corporation is seeking computational scientists with a background in a physical science or engineering field. Tech-X has opportunities for research and product development. We are interested in candidates at all levels, from new Ph.D. graduates to more senior candidates for defining and leading a research program. The selected candidate(s) will be instrumental in Tech-X’s path forward.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop algorithms and methodologies applicable to high-performance computation for electromagnetics and plasmas, particle-in-cell, collisional processes, fluid dynamics methods, and/or Monte Carlo methods;
  • Work with a team to implement new capabilities potentially including porting software to emerging computing devices (e.g., GPU, SIMD), making software available on the cloud;
  • Define and develop research programs.

Required skills

Numerical methods such as finite difference, finite element, particle-in-cell methods, Monte Carlo methods, embedded boundary methods;

Object Oriented development (C++ and Python), preferably with experience in development as a member of a team;

Experience desired in cross-platform development, specifically CMake;

Desired familiarity with one or more of distributed memory (MPI) computing; thread-based, vector-instruction based, GPU computing;

One or more of the following research areas: Plasma Physics, Electromagnetics of Structures, Lasers, Photonics, Semiconductor Device Modeling, Radiation Modeling, Fluid Dynamics;

Ability to communicate science and engineering concepts to knowledgeable colleagues;

Ability to work within a small company and directly across functions within the company.

Of particular interest at the present time is performance optimization.

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