Experimental Plasma Physics | Nova Photonics

Nova Photonics, Inc., a small business engaged in diagnostic development and R&D, is seeking an individual with a Ph.D. in experimental plasma physics. Experience in spectroscopy, optics, and equilibrium reconstruction is desirable. The successful applicant will be based in Princeton, NJ, and participate in the physics/data analysis, development, and operation of the motional Stark effect diagnostic that is installed on NSTX-U at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory and/or the Korea Superconducting Tokamak Advanced Research (KSTAR) facility located at the National Fusion Research Institute (NFRI) in South Korea. Opportunities also exist to participate in the design and development of the MSE diagnostic for ITER. This includes working with RF plasma sources, diagnostic modeling and prototype testing.

From innovation to implementation, the team at Nova Photonics brings extensive experience in experimental physics to developing technologies that push new frontiers. Our core competency is in optical measurements in harsh environments. Cutting edge technologies and innovative techniques enable us to solve challenges for our customers and turn ideas into reality. We have expertise in optical filters, detectors, lasers, polarimetry, RF plasma sources, and plasma physics. Current projects involve NSTX-U, ITER, KSTAR, and an optical communications program with the U.S. Navy. We offer a competitive salary, commensurate with experience, and excellent benefits. We are located in Princeton, NJ. Interested candidates should send a CV and two letters of recommendation by email to Dr. Fred M. Levinton, President. [email protected]

Apply Here: https://jobs.physicstoday.org/jobs/rss/15440743/experimental-plasma-physics