Research Engineer, Laser and Optics | University of British Columbia, Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute

The Stewart Blusson Quantum Matter Institute at UBC (SBQMI) is a world-leading venture into research of systems and phenomena explicitly involving quantum mechanics. One of its core areas of strength is research into various condensed matter systems employing sophisticated optical infrastructure which includes optical spectroscopy, single photon generation and detection, and ultrafast laser/optics systems for time-resolved pump probe experiments.

Under the direction of the Principle Investigator(s) working with laser and optics infrastructure, the Research Engineer, Laser and Optics will support Principle Investigators and other researchers conducting experiments in areas such as Scanning Tunneling Microscopy (STM), Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy (ARPES), time resolved ARPES, Heat Trap effect in one-dimensional conductors, Photonics and Nanostructures, and in-situ optical excitation of donor/accepter pairs while being studied by STM. This includes working with the Principle Investigators and other researchers to identify questions and problems and devise new optical techniques (both source and detection development) to address these questions, and mentoring SBQMI students and other researchers with optical measurement techniques. The Research Engineer will collaborate with other institutions and industry organizations, attend conferences and workshops to gather knowledge of advances in the field and may contribute to writing and submission of grants to fund research activities.

Organizational Status

The Research Engineer, Laser and Optics reports to the SBQMI Operations Manager and the faculty member(s) whose research area most closely matches the area of expertise. Also provides support to other SBQMI Principle Investigators and Researchers as requested. The Research Engineer, Laser and Optics makes decisions regarding design, construction and maintenance of research projects and provides mentoring and coaching to students and other researchers.

Work Performed

Research, design and develop new experimental optical detection techniques in a variety of experimental research configurations; prepare reports on these, and other, research/development activities;

Operating, maintaining and further optimizing through design iterations of delicate optical equipment and infrastructure such as fibre and solid state laser systems, amplified femtosecond laser systems, optical parametric amplifiers/oscillators, and mid-infrared optical sources;

Publish findings; maintain records of research activities and outcomes; prepare official research reports and statistics to support SBQMI and UBC performance related metrics and other university related administrative requirements;

Manage undergraduate students and train graduate students with laser spectroscopy systems and general optical techniques;

Maintain awareness of current and upcoming projects and experiments and provide input as requested regarding directing infrastructure and resources to those projects that are of the highest priority.

Determine suitability of laser system attributes with respect to space, vibration, temperature and humidity within proximity to existing experimental equipment;

Ensure that custom optical and laser equipment are operational, working with suppliers and contractors when necessary; ensure that processes and procedures related to safety and use of space and equipment are followed.

Provide advice, training, and mentoring to students and other researchers, assisting them during laser-based measurements;

Attend relevant conferences and workshops.

Contribute to SBQMI progress reports.

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