Imaging Applications Business Specialist

Job Description

Position:  Imaging Applications Specialist/Sales Engineer/Business Development

Location: Northern CA



Position Description:

Company is seeking an Imaging Applications/Business Development Specialist.  Responsibilities include:

  • Identify key markets and applications for the company’s line of hyperspectral imagers
  • Write white papers and technical articles to communicate with target customer audiences
  • Identify and contact potential customers and technical collaborators
  • Define and negotiate development contracts with customers and manage these projects both internally and in conjunction with customers and partners
  • Form partnerships with external parties as needed to deliver a complete customer solution
  • Work with technical and commercial teams to define and fine tune company product roadmap in the imaging space

Desired Skills:

  • A graduate degree in an imaging-related field (engineering, physics, analytical chemistry, life sciences)
  • Hands-on experience using scientific imagers, e.g., in microscopy, machine vision systems, or medical diagnostics.
  • Business development experience is highly desirable
  • Excellent communication and analytical skills are required
  • Must be comfortable taking-on open-ended tasks, working both independently and in a team setting, and managing both technical and commercial activities

Brian Murray

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The Photonics Group

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