Associate Director for Business Operations – Kavli Nanoscience Institute – California Institute of Technology – Pasadena, CA

Associate Director for Business Operations – Kavli Nanoscience Institute
California Institute of Technology
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Pasadena, CA
The California Institute of Technology is seeking an individual to oversee all administrative operations for the Kavli Nanoscience Institute ( KNI ). Reporting to the KNI Co-Directors and the Division Administrator of Engineering and Applied Science, the Associate Director for Business Operations will oversee administrative and business operations, personnel management, fiscal management, marketing, and communications. The Associate Director for Business Operations is a member of the leadership team of the KNI with the Co-Directors and the Associate Director of Technical Operations, and will participate in strategic planning, programming, and establishing policies, procedures, and practices for the KNI . This individual will also develop and implement strategies for realizing program objectives.

The Kavli Nanoscience Institute emphasizes nanoscale research at the frontiers of quantum matter and technology, medical and bio-engineering, and sustainability. Since its inception in 2003, the KNI has been an intellectual hub and facilitator of cross-disciplinary research in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology. It is the home of an advanced nanoscale fabrication and characterization facility which helps support this research. The KNI has been critical to realizing exciting breakthroughs in nanoscale photonics, electronics, optoelectronics, materials science, and biotechnology.

Job Duties

  • Oversee and manage the business operations and administrative activities of the KNI . Participate in the strategic planning and direction of the KNI including setting goals and objectives. Administer graduate student and postdoctoral programs. Manage communications and events, broadly construed.
  • Collaborate with the KNI Directors, the Associate Director of Technical Operations, and the Office of Cost Studies in developing and implementing pricing and billing methodologies for laboratory services and utilization. Oversee the development and implementation of effective automated systems to support costing, billing, and invoicing activities.
  • Oversee and control all financial activities within the KNI , including management of operating funds, recharge accounts, endowments, gifts, contracts, facilities use agreements, and grants. Prepare budgets and engage in advanced planning. Develop and distribute various financial and operational reports on a monthly, quarterly, annual, and as-needed basis. Develop donor reports annually and on an as-needed basis.
  • Oversee tracking and monitoring of accounts on a regular basis; collaborate with Grants Manager in providing projections and forecasts; analyze financial data and actual-versus-budget performance to determine variances.
  • Oversee all purchasing activities including authorizing all expenditures and on-time purchases. Monitor account reconciliation and status to ensure compliance with fiscal guidelines and regulations. Work closely with the Associate Director of Technical Operations to coordinate purchases of supplies; develop and maintain contact with vendors; review and analyze product searches for cost/benefit options; may forecast and plan for future equipment/resource needs; administrative point of contact on equipment service contracts.
  • Work closely with the Associate Director of Technical Operations regarding human resource planning, staffing and scheduling, career development, salary planning, resource allocation, and organizational structure.
  • Develop diverse marketing strategies and programs; activities include development of marketing plans, personal networking, creation of website content, media relations, social media, events planning, creation of newsletters, publications, and other communications materials. Collaborate with the Directors and the Associate Director for Technical Operations on short-term and long-term marketing initiatives.
  • Develop and implement effective processes and programs to ensure comprehensive asset management oversight and accountability.
  • Coordinate KNI operations with other administrative and research functions on and off campus. Serve as a key resource for KNI information. Review, prioritize, analyze and respond to correspondence and incoming calls directed to KNI . Resolve business and administrative problems or questions referred by internal and external sources.
  • Work closely with Development personnel to identify funding opportunities; consult with KNI Co-Directors and senior Division management on long-range planning projects to address both current and anticipated requirements. Assist KNI Co-Directors on research proposals for KNI -related funding; work with researchers to develop project proposals; interface with funding agencies as needed to exchange information regarding project status and to build and maintain rapport to enhance opportunities for additional funding.
  • Liaison with EAS Division Office and other administrative offices; serve on Institute committees representing the KNI as requested by Directors.
  • Ensure compliance with applicable laws and regulations as well as Institute policies and procedures.
  • Develop, plan, and direct special projects and initiatives. Provide innovative solutions to address financial and non-financial implications of current and proposed initiatives.

Basic Qualifications

  • BA degree or equivalent, with at least five years of administrative and/or project management experience.
  • Ability to manage large technical facility and work successfully with staff, faculty, students, and guest researchers.
  • Outstanding analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills.
  • Ability to interact with various levels of management, faculty, and donors on sensitive and confidential matters.
  • Demonstrates substantial independent judgment and initiative.
  • Ability to perform complex and sensitive functions requiring the creation and application of innovative procedures.
  • Ability to consistently deliver proactive customer service and support to internal and external customers. Effectively handles all aspects of customer requests.
  • Ability to provide leadership and direction to support personnel.
  • Comprehensive understanding of financial and accounting principles with the ability to research and analyze data.
  • Excellent computer skills, with thorough knowledge of both Mac OS and Microsoft Windows operating systems, and software including Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Work experience at Caltech or in an academic setting.
  • Experience with web design and/or website maintenance.

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