Senior Manufacturing Engineer | L-3 Technologies – EOTech

The Manufacturing Engineer III is responsible for designing and developing manufacturing methods, processes, procedures, operation sequence, and production layouts for the manufacture and / or fabrication of parts, components, assemblies, equipment installation, processing, machining and material handling.

Duties and responsibilities associated with this role include:

  • Identifies and implements equipment and process modifications to improve efficiencies, manufacturing techniques and production yields for existing products using PFMEA, Kaizen, value stream mapping, process flows, etc.
  • Estimates manufacturing costs, evaluates time standards, and makes recommendations for tooling and process requirements of new or existing product lines
  • Suggests and implements continuous improvement initiatives to reduce cycle time, eliminate constraints, ensure production schedule compliance, and maintain / improve quality
  • Analyzes and implements sequence of operations (line balancing) and specifies tools and process stream mapping, process flows, etc.
  • Resolves production process problems using tools such as, fishbone diagrams, 5Y, and 8D
  • Establishes poke yoke measures preventing reoccurring problems and issues
  • Develops, compiles and presents key performance metrics
  • Develops, updates and releases work instructions, workmanship standards, process documents, and visual aids. Trains operators on initial release of work instructions
  • Leads manufacturing teams in special activities, product launches, and deviations/trials
  • Assists production department in implementing efficient and ergonomically robust assembly processes
  • Conducts tests and measurements throughout stages of production to determine control and capabilities
  • Ensures processes and procedures are in compliance with regulations and or industry certifications and best practices
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Microsoft Office
  • Cultivates a culture that assures effective cross functional team work
  • Demonstrates ethical and professional behavior in accordance with company values
  • Performs job duties in a manner that maintains compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations, policies and procedures
  • Prepares floor and equipment layouts to promote an efficient flow of material through various fabrication and assembly operations
  • Assists in identifying non-conformance product, contributes to root cause failures and investigates and initiates corrective action of problems and deficiencies to reconcile problems and ensure product quality
  • Develops forms and instructions for recording, evaluating and reporting data
  • Interacts with design engineering in coordination with the release of new products and to provide guidance regarding design concepts and specification requirements to best utilize equipment and manufacturing techniques
  • Conducts cost justification for tools machinery and equipment; prepares tooling cost and labor estimates. Makes recommendations for tooling and process requirements of new or existing product lines
  • Creates detailed Capital Expenditure Request requesting tooling and capital for new or existing product lines
  • Demonstrated proficiency with ERP (Enterprise, Resource Planning) software
  • Demonstrated proficiency with Visual manufacturing-centric software
  • Demonstrated proficiency with weapons, types, calibers, and accessories on those systems that drive optical performance and interoperability requirements of the optical device systems when integrated to a weapon
  • All other duties as assigned

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