Systems Engineer – EO/IR Imaging Systems

 Systems Engineer – EO/IR Imaging Systems – thermal camera systems

POSITION: Electro-Optical Systems Engineer


TECHNOLOGY: EO/IR Imaging Systems




COMPANY INFORMATION:  This position will work with a company that develops electro-optical products, including infrared imaging systems, electro-optical sensors, thermal camera systems.



POSITION BRIEF: This position will lead the development of electro-optical sensing and imaging systems.  This EO/IR Systems Engineer is responsible for technical lead of current programs, and for leading proposal, design, and R&D efforts on new programs.  This position will also assist the company in business development and product development efforts by providing technical direction in this area of engineering expertise.



POSITION RESPONSIBILITIES: Specific activities include: developing product concepts and proposals; designing, building, and testing models and prototypes; transitioning prototype designs to high volume manufacturing; working with customers to define requirements for deliverables; working with the company’s engineers and program managers to ensure customers’ needs are met.



POSITION REQUIREMENTS:  Background Requirements for this position include:

* B.S. or above in Engineering, Physics, or a related degree;

* Strong experience working on the development of electro-optical sensing and imaging systems;



RECRUITER INFORMATION: The Electro-Optics Group is a division of the recruiting firm, The Photonics Group, which recruit engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: [email protected]


TO APPLY: Please forward a resume (Word version preferred) to: [email protected]



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