Imaging Systems Engineer

Imaging Systems Engineer


TO APPLY, please forward a resume to [email protected]


Summary: This position is for an Imaging Systems Engineer to be part of a growing R&D team and lead the design and development of products based on a new technology involving 3D micro-optical imaging and sensor systems.  This position will be a key member of the imaging systems and wearable computing R&D group, developing intelligent 3D machine vision and sensing cameras. 




POSITION: Imaging Engineer / Image Scientist / Imaging Systems Engineer


LOCATION: northern California (San Jose area)


COMPANY INFORMATION:  This position will work with a company that develops imaging products, including Intelligent Imaging Systems, 3D Imaging Systems, Micro-Optical Imaging Systems, …  


POSITION BRIEF: Imaging Engineer to design and develop technology and products based on 3D or depth sensing imaging systems, intelligent or smart devices, wearable computing sensors, machine vision and sensing cameras, …



* The position will be a key member of a small R&D team.


* This position will perform lead engineering roles on programs for the development of imaging and sensor systems.


* This position will work on projects end-to-end – from proposal and design, through prototype development and analysis, to product development and manufacturing.


* This position will work with a small, multi-disciplined, highly energetic, and technically ambitious team.


* This position will develop cutting edge, highly advanced, high-precision electro-optical imaging technology.


* This position will perform work on multiple development projects covering the range of the company’s technology and product areas.


* This position will be primarily involved and responsible for developing new concepts, new technology, and new products.




     Candidates for this position must have strong technical experience in the following:

* Imaging Systems Product Development, and/or Camera Sensors Product Development, and/or Imaging Module Development.

* Systems Engineering or Systems Architecture – working with hardware engineering, electrical interface, software integration, imaging systems engineering.


     Candidates for this position must have strong experience developing new technology, prototypes, and products.


     Candidates for this position must have strong experience developing the following end product:

* camera, imaging, or sensor systems that are manufactured at a high volume. 


     Candidates for this position must have a BS or MS or PhD degree in Engineering, plus strong industry experience is required.



TO APPLY: Please forward a resume (Word version preferred) to: [email protected]


RECRUITER INFORMATION: The Electro-Optics Group is a division of the recruiting firm, The Photonics Group, which recruits engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: [email protected]


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