Quantum Computing Theorist – Raytheon Canada – Cambridge, MA

Quantum Computing Theorist
Raytheon Canada
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Cambridge, MA
Raytheon BBN Technologies, located in Cambridge, MA is seeking a theorist with expertise in quantum computation. The candidate will join a highly entrepreneurial group advancing computation and communications technology with expertise spanning superconducting circuit based qubit technology, quantum process verification techniques, quantum algorithms, cryogenic measurements, quantum information, quantum optics,and nano-photonics.

The candidate will work closely with our experimental superconducting quantum computing team, proposing and analyzing methods for characterizing the performance of quantum circuits on single and multi-qubit systems. The candidate will also lead analysis of scalability for fault tolerant quantum computing systems.

Required experience and skills include:

  • Strong background in quantum information theory, including quantum process verification techniques, quantum error correction and fault tolerance, and/or physical modeling of quantum systems.
  • Strong programming and numerical skills for modeling complex quantum processor systems.
  • Demonstrated ability to author journal publications and ability to confidently present technical presentations.
  • Demonstrated ability to work closely with experimentalists on developing and analyzing experiments.
  • Ability to define and lead technical projects is desirable

Required Education:
PhD with at least 2 years of post-doctoral research experience will be preferred

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