Computational Imaging Engineer | Double Helix LLC

Double Helix LLC, an innovator in 3D imaging technologies, is looking for a PhD level – or work experience equivalent – Opto-mechanical Engineer to join a small and dynamic team expanding the boundaries of 3D Imaging and ranging technology.

Double Helix utilizes computational optical imaging approaches for acquiring and rendering high resolution 3D images at microscopic and macroscopic scales. The candidate filling this position will be responsible for the development and testing of computational imaging approaches to enhance the functionality of the imaging systems with focus on optical hardware design and imaging algorithms to realize optical imaging systems with enhanced functionality and reduced size, weight and power. The ideal candidate will have a good working knowledge of optical experimentation including assembly and alignment of optical components/subsystems, optimization of signals and signal to noise ratios.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work with management and engineering team to develop design requirements, recommend design architectures, determine design feasibility, evaluate design alternatives and select optical design approach.
  • Perform analysis, simulations and experiments to verify that the chosen design will meet all system requirements for all phases of system design and development through manufacturing.
  • Evaluate and analyze image capture and processing algorithms to determine robustness, extensibility and limitations
  • Provide technical support as required during manufacturing.

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