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Major Duties


  • Finishing Engineer for Optical Glass operations that include sawing, drilling, core drilling, milling, edging, grinding and polishing. Translate the needs of customer requirements from drawings and technical specifications to the manufacturing/ operations organization in such a way that these requirements are systematically and consistently met. Understanding of Process Capability and use of data to qualify a process. Will prepare Installation Qualification (IQ); Operational Qualification (OQ); and, Performance Qualification (PQ) documents for new and existing processes; and, new equipment purchases/ installations.


  • Identify Key Process Variables (KPV); develop Process Audit Plans; and, monitor performance with audits of process and work orders. Drive operations and operators to use Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s); Statistical Process Control (SPC) methods and charts; and Out of Control Action Plans as part of Process Control Strategy.


  • Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; gathers and analyses information skillfully; develops alternative solutions; works well in group problem solving situations; uses reason even when dealing with emotional topics

Hazardous Waste

  • Responsible to ensure that they only utilize employees trained in hazardous waste to perform the following duties and overseeing their employees in the activities: hazardous waste activities include adding hazardous waste to accumulation containers, removing waste from accumulation containers, transporting hazardous waste to or from accumulation points, daily inspection of satellite hazardous waste accumulation areas, cleanup of small spills of hazardous waste.

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