Engineering: Electro-Optics / Imaging / Sensor Systems

Engineering: Electro-Optics / Imaging / Sensor Systems



• Electro-Optical Systems Engineer

• Electrical Engineer 

• Mechanical / Opto-Mechanical Engineer

• Project Engineer





COMPANY INFORMATION:  This position will work with a company that develops electro-optics for EO/IR imaging and sensor systems.


TECHNOLOGY: Optical and Electro-Optical sensor systems; electro-optic imaging systems, infrared / multispectral / hyperspectral imaging systems; remote sensing systems, laser comm, and related electronic and optical defense systems. 




   These positions will work with engineering and program managers, with in-house engineering teams, with current and potential customers, and with in-house manufacturing teams to develop proposals, prototypes, and products. 

   These positions will be involved in the development of high tech / high precision electro-optic products for military defense programs.

   These engineers will work on projects from inception to completion, playing a primary role in the development of designs as well as products to meet customer needs and specifications. 

   These engineers will be primarily responsible to: 

a. Design, analyze, and develop specifications, tests, and prototype and end-user product. 

b. Work closely with program management, suppliers, and customers to define, analyze, and ultimately develop system performance specifications and operational requirements.  

c. Work closely with program management, suppliers, and customers to ensure performance, interface requirements, and operational requirements are met.  

d. Work closely with engineering management and manufacturing to ensure the development of marketable, affordable, and producible products which meet end-item performance, environmental, and cost requirements.  

These engineers will be secondarily responsible to: 

e. Work with engineering and programs management to develop new technology and product ideas. 

f. Work with program and business development management to develop proposals and new market ideas. 



REQUIREMENTS: These positions require a BS or higher in Engineering or Physics; US Citizenship; a current or recently expired security clearance; plus strong industry experience in the military optical systems or electro-optic systems industry; and strong experience developing proposals, designs, prototypes and products in a military and/or aerospace environment. 


To apply, please forward a resume (Word version preferred) to:

[email protected]



RECRUITER INFORMATION: The Electro-Optics Group is a division of the recruiting firm, The Photonics Group, which recruit engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: [email protected]




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