Camera Systems Engineer

Camera Systems Engineer



TECHNOLOGY: Electro-Optical Imaging and Sensor Systems


PRODUCT LINE: Camera Systems


COMPANY BRIEF: This company develops Imaging and Sensor Systems – including

cameras for security, surveillance, consumer electronics, industrial, military, and medical applications.


LOCATION: Boston area




·        Camera Systems Engineer / Camera Product Development Engineer



Ø  Develop camera systems products

Ø  Develop electro-optical imaging and sensor systems technology.  

Ø  Duties range from early stage technology development, to prototype design and development, to product development and product volume manufacturing.




• Work with the R&D design team to create imaging and sensor technology.

• Work with the R&D design team to design and develop manufacturable and marketable products.

• Work with the manufacturing team to produce new camera products.




1) BS/MS/PhD degree.

2) Strong industry experience developing optical / electro-optical imaging and sensor systems.

3) Strong industry experience with a) technology development, b) product development, and c) product manufacturing.

4) Strong industry experience developing camera systems products.




Please respond by forwarding a Resume (Word document preferred) to:  [email protected]


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