Development and testing of specialty few-mode fiber based metrological methods for optical sensing – | Ecole de technologie superieure

ÉTS has upwards of 10,600 students, with more than 2,600 at the graduate level (close to 580 at the doctorate level). In 2015-2016, more than 3,800 new students entered ÉTS. Its teaching staff includes 163 professors, 34 senior lecturers and many lecturers from industrial background. ÉTS offers 101 study programs: 25 at the undergraduate level, among which 7 bachelor’s degrees; 76 at the graduate and doctorate levels. Almost one out of four engineers in Québec is a graduate of ÉTS. Close to 20,000 graduates since 1974, and nearly 2,700 at the graduate and doctorate levels. ÉTS places more than 3,200 interns (in excess of 4,300 offers) every year at some 1,100 companies ($46 M for all students combined). Nearly two-thirds of graduates find careers in SMEs and SMIs. 60% of our research activities are conducted in collaboration with industry. Funding for research and innovation exceeds $34,5 M. ÉTS comprises 26 research chairs, including 9 institutional chairs, and 27 groups of researchers who produce close to 700 publications every year (articles, conferences, technical reports, etc.). Industry representation in ÉTS board of governors: 50%.

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