Manufacturing Engineer – General Photonics Corp. – Chino, CA

Manufacturing Engineer
General Photonics Corp.
Chino, CA

Job Title: Manufacturing Engineer

Department: Manufacturing

Reports to: Production Manager/Operations Manager FLSA Status: Exempt


This is a technical position centered on supporting all optical, mechanical and electronic systems manufactured at General Photonics. The Manufacturing Engineer works with Engineering Dept. on new product designs and processes, leads transfer of new products into manufacturing, and sustains current products. The Manufacturing Engineer is responsible for yield, cost reduction, automation efforts, configuration control and assembly documentation. The Manufacturing Engineer supports the implementation of LEAN manufacturing initiatives.


  • Manufacturing Sustaining
  • Provides technical support to quality and procurement of the production material and supply chain management of the vendors.
  • Tracks manufacturing efficiency and works to improve first pass yield.
  • Responsible for capital equipment planning, cost justification, and bringing new equipment online.
  • Provides hands on trouble shooting of manufacturing problems including technical analysis, determination of root cause, and corrective action.
  • Looks for cost reduction opportunities including automation, BOM changes, work flow simplification, and process changes. The focus will be on global optimization of the entire value stream and not just on a single step.
  • Trains operators in new processes and manufacturing methods.
  • Product Design
  • Works with Engineering Dept. on new product development including prototype and pilot production, documentation, process development, specifications, and testing.
  • Represents manufacturing in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reviews
  • Designs and implements new production tooling, initiates process improvement, assembly automation, and test automation.
  • Works with Engineering Dept. on incremental design improvement.
  • Other Duties
  • Oversees/Leads Projects or Programs as assigned by Management
  • Helps to improve work instructions and procedures in production, including translating them into/from Chinese/English.
  • Leads all planning requirements for management, procurement and finance departments to plan and meet future needs for Projects or Programs
  • Supports the General Photonics’ Quality Management System
  • Supports good health and safety practices
  • Supports other departments as required
  • Other duties as assigned by Management


Four year technical degree in an applicable engineering discipline, MS preferred.


4-8 years of industry experience with precision mechanical assemblies, translation mechanisms, optical design, and automation. Experience with fiber optics and non-imaging optical systems is desirable. Exposure to programming for test and automation using PLC’s, graphical environments, or interpreted languages very desirable.


Must be a spread sheet power user. Experience with 3D modeling software such as Solidworks, Catia, or Inventor, is mandatory. Experience with Finite Element Analysis and Optical Design software very desirable. Some programming experience is required. Must be proficient with ANSI Y14.5 for both design and inspection. Should have basic knowledge of configuration control and life cycle management. English language proficiency, both oral and written, is required.


Expect all work to be performed on the production floor

Job Type: Full-time

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