Opto Mechanical Systems Engineer

Position:  Opto Mechanical Systems Engineer

Location:  NH


Education and Experience:

·         MS in mechanical, electrical, software, optical engineering, physics or equivalent education

·         Up to 5 years of work experience  



Technical Skills:


·         Hands-on experience with precision opto-mechanical/electro-optical based products.

·         Proficiency with C++/C#, and/or Matlab

·         Proficiency with 3D CAD tools, preferably SolidWorks. A thorough understanding of parametric design and relationships between features, parts, subassemblies and assemblies.

·         Expertise in characterizing optical assemblies and dynamic mechanisms using lasers, optical elements, scanners, kinematical mounts, galvanometers etc.

·         Practical knowledge in opto-mechanical assembly tolerancing and alignment, basic stress and thermal analysis, principles of system integration.

·         Experience with instrument and electronic packaging design, panel and board mounts, cabling and electronic enclosures.

·         Solid familiarity with mechanical manufacturing methods and assembly techniques.






·         Technical lead driving all design, development, and implementation of compensation and calibration systems for laser projection solutions products.

·         Lead the diagnosis of complex problems with our products and recommend solutions with minimal oversight.

·         Become an expert on critical subsystems, including, solid state and diode lasers, high frequency digitizers, high frequency laser modulation, galvanometers, laser mode-locking and laser diode drivers.

·         Perform compensation and calibration systems design, establishing project parameters and assigning increments of project to team members for production software, calibration and certification and optics product development.

·         Generate math models and/or otherwise perform calculations necessary to accurately predict performance, resolution, and measurement accuracy of proposed laser and similar image based systems.

·         Assist in the definition, specification, implementation and test of firmware, software and control electronics for processing 3D measurement data.

·         Develop processes, fixtures, methods and software to support the needs of product assembly, test, and calibration. 

·         Evaluate and document test results. 



Brian Murray

[email protected]


The Photonics Group


Apply Here: http://jobview.monster.com/Opto-Mechanical-Systems-Engineer-Job-londonderry-NH-US-183282046.aspx