Optoelectronics Packaging Engineer

·         Leading cross-functional design and process teams from initial stages of product definition to detailed design, prototyping, reliability testing and transfer to manufacturing of optomechanical components

·         Detailed specification engineering of end products as well as sub-components

·         Developing robust and efficient supply chains for sub-components

·         Opto-mechanical package design, including thermal and stress modeling, materials science and reliability engineering, as well as process optimization and development as required. 

·          Key process platforms include die and wire bonding, precision pick & place, laser welding and seam sealing.

·         Develop into existing packaging process platforms, but also develop new processes as required. 

·          Identify critical issues in other areas of product design like optics and electronics, and lead cross functional teams in these areas

·         Interact with customers to understand requirements, negotiate specifications, develop proposals and translate into internal program requirements


·         Master’s degree in mechanical, optical or materials engineering

·         5+ years experience working with active opto-electronic components like high-power lasers, detectors and arrayed optical and electrical devices

·         track record of having led and delivered on major package design initiatives. 

·         Experience with high reliability, harsh environment packaging is a plus, as well as prior experience in undersea, defense and space related optoelectronic programs.

Desirable functional skill sets include:

·         Opto-mechanics, including integration of lasers and optics

·         Packaging of focal plane arrays for imaging

·         Able to work on a project basis – take chips delivered from a fab, perform all design and development, and then release to in-house production

·         Mechanical design and thermal analysis and modeling

·         Develop complex packaging processes

·         SolidWorks experience

·         Understanding of reliability

·         Materials engineering and process expertise in chip bonding, wire bonding, die bonding and laser welding

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