Production Control Coordinator | Hardin Optical Company

1. PRIMARY PURPOSE – This position is responsible for planning, issuing and tracking production work orders, required material and tooling to ensure on time customer delivery. The PCC will also be responsible for creating, maintaining all department schedules and communicating those schedules to management and production. Additional responsibilities include expediting and prioritization of production orders and supporting the production teams.

2. ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – • Use ERP system to plan, issue and close Work Orders. • Use ERP/MRP system to schedule production work orders and resources. • Communicate effectively to the operations team regarding schedule changes and resolve issues. • Maintain stocking levels of parts in demand by scheduling required production of product. • Coordinate material needs with Purchasing to assure required materials are ordered in a timely manner. • Compiles and records production data. Maintains production reports on volume and capacity in support of finished goods, consumption of raw materials and progress to ensure quality control with emphasis on customer on time delivery. • Initiates production activities by release of production orders and tickets to begin production processes in support of production related flow. Focus is to allow time for all work centers to complete processing in support of customer expectations for quality assurance and timely deliveries. • Calculates factors such as inventory levels, assessment of WIP (Work in Process), material requirements, amount of scrap, occurrences of defects and associated production yields utilizing adding machines or calculators. • Maintains files and production documents for historical records in support of ISO and corporate procedures. • Actively participates in production related activities and cross-functional meetings with department management and associated teams to effectively communicate production status and schedules. • Initiates, oversees and maintains the use of production related documents to control production. • Maintains and monitors the production progress utilizing ERP related software applications for Shop Floor Control. Monitors inventory levels at work centers to ensure material transactions are being recorded accurately by production personnel. • Analyzes and identifies inventory transaction errors and takes appropriate action to correct system integrity to ensure production related reports are accurate. • Responsible to implement, promote, review and continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System. 3. OTHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES – • Adhere to Company policies, safety/ergonomic standards and good housekeeping practices.

• Understand and implement health, safety and environmental policies to integrate health, safety and environmental considerations into daily work activities.

• Performs other duties as assigned.

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