Manufacturing Manager

About the Job

We are looking for an experience Manufacturing Manager to lead an integrated Manufactuing team in the manufacture of vacuum tube products. this person must have at least 15 years in Manufacture of these products with experience in vacuum brazing and plating to go along with 5 years in a leadership role. Knowledge of lean manufacturing, Process engineering, scheduling and material acquisition are critical to the success. We will consider candidates who have a very strong background in the manufacture of various components ucning vacuum brazing in other industries such as aerospace, electronics, Aircraft engines.

Please send resume and contact information to [email protected]

This company is a leading worldwide supplier of microwave vacuum electron devices and related products. We produce a wide variety of products for the defense, industrial, medical, broadcast, test, and scientific markets, including Microwave Power Modules (MPMs), TWTs, magnetrons, klystrons, thyratrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs), electron emitters, Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs), and Constant Efficiency Amplifiers (CEAs). Our primary facility is located in Southern California with sister facilities in the southwest and Mid-east

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