Electro-Optical Systems Engineer

POSITION: Electro-Optical Systems Engineer


TECHNOLOGY:  EO-IR Imaging  Systems / Laser Systems


INDUSTRY: Military EO Systems


LOCATION: Maryland/DC Area




This position will work with a company that develops military electro-optical products, including infrared / thermal imaging systems, electro-optical sensors, laser aiming and illumination systems, laser rangefinders.




This engineer will serve as the company’s lead engineer.  This EO/IR Systems Engineer is responsible for technical lead of current programs, and for leading proposal, design, and R&D efforts on new programs.  It is a prominent, vital, and well respected role within the company. 





* This position will lead the company’s efforts in the design and development of Electro-Optical systems.  This position will assist upper management in formulating technical and business plans.  This position will provide technical direction for the engineering team.  This position will be the customer technical point of contact.


* This position will be responsible for leading projects in the development of technology and products, including the following roles: proposal development, technology design and development, prototype design and development, process development, product development, technical project management.


* This position will be responsible for leading the technology development stage through the production stage.


* This position will work with upper management developing new technology, process, and business ideas.


* This position will assist the engineering leads on technical issues.





* BS/MS/PhD in Engineering or Physics.


* Must have very strong experience designing and developing military electro-optic systems.  This includes expertise developing electro-optical imaging systems, optical systems, opto-mechanical subsystems, image processing designs, etc..


* Must have technical expertise to lead engineering design teams.


* Must have experience designing systems for manufacturing.


* Must be US Citizen with current or prior security clearance.



TO APPLY: Please forward a resume (Word version preferred) to:

[email protected]


RECRUITER INFORMATION: The Electro-Optics Group is a division of the recruiting firm, The Photonics Group, which recruit engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: [email protected]

Apply Here: http://jobview.monster.com/Electro-Optical-Systems-Engineer-Job-Columbia-MD-US-182928648.aspx