R/D Director Bio Medical

JOB DESCRIPTION:  R/D Director BioMedical

Location:  MA


The Director will leverage his/her experience to develop software controlled patterns using galvos to achieve specific objectives related to existing and new applications. These objectives will include reduced patient sensation, increased cutting speed, optimized surface finishes and reduced bleeding as well as entirely new applications for the laser. 



·         Design, develop, document, test, and support commercialization of  CO2 laser patterns based on tissue interaction goals and product requirements

·         Participate in full development lifecycle, including requirements, analysis, design and test

·         Write technical specifications based on conceptual design and stated business requirements

·         Develop or re-purpose existing models and characterization benchmarks for laser-tissue interaction including such measures as:

o   Shape of pattern

o   Energy delivery technique

o   Speed of ablation

o   Surface characteristics (e.g. smoothness)

o   Depth of effect

o   Precision of effect

o   Secondary (in vivo) effects such as patient sensitivity, hemostasis, etc.

o   Shear Bond Strength for tooth tissues (in Mpa)

o   Comparison/contrast to traditional or competitive instrumentation, as appropriate

·         Document, support and maintain laser pattern function. Identify and evaluate promising new techniques and candidate laser patterns for implementation consideration

·         Lead laser pattern development teams, projects, and design reviews

·         Participate in multiple, concurrent projects as the technical leader


  The competencies required for this position include demonstrated experience with:

·         Characterization and evaluation of laser-tissue interaction, ideally with experience in hard (teeth, bone) and soft (epithelial, mucosal, connective, organ) tissues in vitro and in vivo.

·         Understanding laser physics and controlling laser output parameters to achieve particular tissue objectives

·         Programming scanned ablation lasers

·         Project management skills including creation of status updates and presentations to management

·         Written communication skills, from engineering notebook to formal reports to support product releases

·         Verbal communication skills, from interaction with colleagues to formal technical  presentations

·         Data and statistical analysis skills and methods

·         Technical team leadership skills

·         Ability to function in a fast-paced environment

·         Ability to work independently in a team environment with moderate supervision and high transparency


Degree in relevant experience.  / backgrounds in Biomedical Engineering, Biochemistry, and Laser Physics.  Advanced degree preferred.


Brian Murray

[email protected]


The Photonics Group


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