Senior Photonics Microfabrication Device Engineer | Lightwave Logic, Inc

Lightwave Logic (LWLG) is a material and device development company that is commercializing its leading Organic Nonlinear Polymers for a variety of electro-optic devices, with primary applications in high-speed fiber-optic telecom and data communications. Our development roadmap is geared to disrupt the industry by introducing organic modulators that have superior speed, lower power consumption, and smaller size than present inorganic devices. Our materials and devices are extendable into other applications, including sensors and optical computing. We are seeking a Photonics Microfabrication Device Engineer to work in our facility in Longmont, CO. Lightwave offers competitive compensation and benefits along with a fast-paced working environment.

Lightwave Logic is seeking an experienced photonics microfabrication device engineer to enhance the company’s activities in commercializing fiber-optic-coupled multi-GHz optical guided–wave modulators and photonic integrated circuits (PICs) based on innovative electro-optic polymers. This position requires hands-on development of fabrication technology in a state-of-the-art clean room. The successful candidate will play a key role in the development, qualification and full production of these modulators and PICs in this rapidly growing company.

These products will significantly advance the state of the modulator commercial art in low-power and low-loss operation up to at least 50GHz, and will be key components in next-generation fiber optic telecom and datacom systems operating at 100Gbps and beyond. The devices will be fabricated on silicon substrates and in some cases, will be incorporated into nanoscale silicon photonic chips. The developed technology will be extendable to multi-modulator PICs.

Specific duties will include: Developing wafer fabrication processes that include multi-layer polymer deposition, multi-layer metallization, micron and submicron-level patterning and chip end-face processing.

Operating and evaluating results from test and characterization equipment such as optical metallurgical microscopes, SEMs and surface profilometers.

Designing and evaluating photomasks based on detailed modulator and PIC designs.

Documenting developed processes and implementing statistical methods that monitor process yield.

Operating and helping to modify and maintain as required, micro-fabrication equipment such as photolithographic mask aligners, vacuum evaporators and sputtering machines, plasma etchers and precision wafer saws.

Supervising and directing micro-fabrication technicians. Working as part of an inter-disciplinary engineering team that includes device designers, package and test engineers and technicians.

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