Associate Director – Imaging

Position:  Associate Director
Location:  NJ




New Associate Director position to expand the Low Light CMOS Cameras and Space Qualified Sensors thrusts.  The Imaging Systems Associate Director for Technology and Business Development will play an important role in development of the technology portfolio going forward, business capture, product development, and management of the business.  The Imaging Business has three focused thrust areas providing innovative low light imaging, space qualified imaging, and commercial OEM products.

The position will partner with R&D, engineering, and program management activities to identify technical and business opportunities, develop capture strategies, and define technology initiatives and solutions to develop and secure new business leveraging company core expertise in CMOS and CCD imager design, imager fabrication, camera development and test.  The candidate will be expected to lead technical and marketing activities for the domestic and international customer set and prime contractors doing government business.  The objective is to position company for continued growth in CMOS and CCD imaging technologies and products deployed in the commercial, government and military markets. 

The candidate must be a self-starter and participate in development of overall technical and marketing strategies. The candidate will contribute to details associated with the execution of the product development process and transition to production.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Provides leadership in the execution of short and long term business development, business strategy, and technical solution development.
  • Driving technical advancements that will meet customer requirements and business objectives. 
  • Developing and winning externally and internally funded research, development, and product design programs. 
  • Driving technical innovation by bringing new technology into the company directly or by contributing to hiring the appropriate technology competencies.
  • Leads the development of technical proposals in support of new business: quoting activities, customer visits, product presentations, and developing winning strategies. 
  • Advances the company’s technology and innovation for integrated sub-systems. 
  • Able to communicate, both in writing and verbally, complex technical issues to a variety of audiences.

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