Manufacturing Manager, Optical Components | Supply Chain Optics

Supply Chain Optics oversees the production of a vast assortment of OEM optical components. We source the majority of our products offshore but also perform value-added manufacturing, advanced coating and quality assurance domestically. The Manufacturing Manager will manage and direct a team of employees in Irvine, manage relationships with and visit with our various sub-contractors worldwide, and be generally responsible for the successful fulfillment of production orders.

The Manufacturing Manager must:

Be the primary communicator between SCO and the supplier base.

Direct SCO’s staff on what we need to do to make sure that our organization is producing the necessary parts on time and to the required quality.

Visit our production facilities.

Due to the fact that we do not (yet) produce parts in Irvine but we do perform a lot of metrology here, it is a plus if the manufacturing manager has experience in QA and metrology, more so than fabrication.

It is also of great benefit if the manufacturing manager is familiar with the ISO9001:2008 environment.

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