Postdoctoral Researcher-Optical Networking – IBM – Yorktown Heights, NY

Postdoctoral Researcher-Optical Networking
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Yorktown Heights, NY
IBM’s T. J. Watson Research Center is seeking a candidate for a Postdoctoral Researcher position to investigate optical networking concepts for future Cloud data centers and supercomputers.

The primary emphasis is on network design and optimization, and on simulation of large networks for performance assessment and comparison. You should have experience with current network and computer simulation tools or a background in developing customized simulation tools. Experience in FPGA programming, optical switching/routing paradigms, optical link design, and silicon photonics or VCSEL-based component characterization are also relevant skills. You should also possess proven programming skills and a demonstrated publication record. This position involves interacting with teams specialized in applications development, network engineering, packaging and assembly, and devices. You should be a problem solver, self-motivated, possess demonstrated communication skills, and work well in cross-disciplinary teams. An ability to generate new ideas and research directions, and to move them from concept to demonstration is essential.

Candidates with a Ph.D. in Engineering or Computer Science are preferred.

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Basic knowledge in network design, evaluation criteria, and simulation tools

Basic knowledge in data center networking, parallel computing, or computer communication systems

At least 2 years experience in network modeling and/or design

At least 1 year experience using network simulation tools

At least 6 months experience in FPGA programming

Basic knowledge in optical systems and optical link performance metrics

Basic knowledge in signal integrity or high-speed electrical links

English : Fluent

14,026 reviews

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