Computer Vision Engineer

These are outstanding opportunities for software and firmware engineers to design and develop vision systems. Our client is a well-established, growing company who develops leading-edge technology.

Our client develops and manufactures components and sub-systems for diverse markets like automotive, defense, medical, industrial sensing and telecommunications.   These high performance, high reliability products integrate complex functionality in order to meet challenging and technology leading customer requirements. Some of their products and technologies include electro-optics, LiDAR systems, photonics, cameras, automotive navigation systems, 3D imaging, sensors, image processing, laser diodes, etc.

·    Develop real-time computer vision and machine learning algorithms to analyze high-resolution point cloud data in highly dynamic scenes.  The principal focus of these algorithms is directed toward the segmentation, detection, recognition, tracking, and motion prediction of common objects in road environments.  Examples of such objects include, but are not limited to, vehicles, pedestrians, road signs, and obstacles such as potholes, traffic cones, and road debris.  (High-resolution point cloud data streams may contain up to ~10 million points per second within a volume of ~1 million cubic meters.)

·    Develop software tools to spatially register and filter sequences of point clouds to generate large scale maps

·    Develop software and tools to enable sensor fusion between LIDAR and vision cameras

·    Develop high quality user interfaces and 3D visualization tools for interaction and display of algorithm results

In addition to these openings, we are also recruiting for:

·    Software and Firmware Engineers;

·    Hardware Design Engineers with FPGAs, VHDL, etc.;

·    Mechanical Engineers to perform sensor integration into the automotive ecosystem;

·    Systems Engineers with automotive industry knowledge;

·    Optoelectronics Packaging Engineer.

Required Skills

·    Expertise in real-time computer vision algorithm development

·    Experience with machine learning and convolutional neural networks

·    High level proficiency in C/C++ and object oriented API development

·    Familiarity with LIDAR systems and point cloud datasets

Preferred Skills

·    Experience with at least one or more of the following libraries: Point Cloud Library, OpenCV, CUDA, OpenCL, OpenGL, or other related libraries

·    Experience with code optimization and hardware acceleration using CUDA, OpenCL, SSE/AVX, multithreading, or related optimizations

·    Experience with scripting languages such as Matlab or Python for algorithm prototyping

·    Experience with real-time digital signal processing of high bandwidth data streams (>1 GB/s)

·    A strong foundation in optics and photonic systems with practical experience in the characterization, use, and/or modeling of optics, and image sensors

·    Experience developing tools for calibrating optics, sensors, and vision systems

·    Proficiency in multiple operating systems such as Linux and Windows

·    Experience with Qt for graphical user-interface development


·    BS, MS, or PhD in computer science, electrical engineering, or related field

·    2+ years of software development experience

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