Program Manager – Electro-Optical / Laser Systems Programs

LOCATION: New Hampshire


COMPANY INFORMATION:  This position will work with a company that develops military electro-optical systems – including EO/IR Imaging systems (thermal imagers, Flir systems, IR imaging cameras, and IR sensor systems), and also Laser Systems (laser ranging, laser tracking, laser designator systems).



RECRUITER INFORMATION: The Electro-Optics Group is a division of the recruiting firm, The Photonics Group, which recruit engineers nationwide for companies that design and manufacture optical, electro-optic, laser, and imaging systems.  Recruiter contact information is: [email protected]



POSITION BRIEF: Oversee the management of programs for the design and development of advanced electro-optical imaging and sensor systems.  Programs will cover full cycle of product development – from proposal and design, through prototype development and analysis, to product development and manufacturing.


* Oversee successful completion of current contracts and successful development of new programs.


* Provide program planning, direction and control.


* Plan, direct, and execute program to fulfill customer requirements and meet business objectives.


* Define resources needed to complete program.


* Maximize business sales and profits.


* Develop and meet budget, schedule, and technical direction.


* Act as primary interface between company and customer.


* Work with upper management to develop new business ideas.


* Assist marketing to develop new business.


* Assist engineering to meet contract requirements and current customer demand, and assist engineering and RD in new technology development to meet new customer demand.


* Develop and implement long-term business strategies.


* Strong experience managing military electro-optical systems programs.

* Strong experience developing electro-optical products for military programs.

* Program Management experience should include the following:

a. Managing Multiple Programs, Projects, and Customers;

b. Managing Multiple Disciplines – including program/project managers, engineering, business development, manufacturing, financials, etc.;

c. Developing contracts/programs from inception (proposal stage) to successful completion (both design approval and manufacturing) with accountability at all stages for both complying with customer requirements and meeting sales and profit objectives.

* Technical experience should include the following:

a. Engineering experience developing electro-optical products for military programs.



* BS required in either engineering or technical discipline.


* Must be a US Citizen; holding current or prior security clearance is preferred.


Interested candidates should send a Word version of a resume to: [email protected]