Sr Electronics Test Engineer


Our company  is one of the leading defense microwave companies and we have multiple needs.  Currently we are looking for a person to become the lead power supply test engineer who has experience in high power RF systems.

This person needs to have experience with power electronics and analog circuit development and test support including performance measurements for high density switching power converters, compact magnetic components, power filters, feedback control loop measurements and high voltage circuits. Experience with DC to DC power converters is required. Experience with high voltage a plus.

My client is a leading worldwide supplier of microwave vacuum electron devices and related products. As part of their product line, they produce a wide variety of products for the defense, industrial, medical, broadcast, test, and scientific markets, including Microwave Power Modules (MPMs), TWTs, magnetrons, klystrons, thyratrons, Crossed-Field Amplifiers (CFAs), electron emitters, Inductive Output Tubes (IOTs), and Constant Efficiency Amplifiers (CEAs

This company has a very competitive salary and bonus plan along with a benefitto others who may be interest. 

if interested please send your resume by email to [email protected]. this opportunity is located in So. California and any one who applies has to be a US citizen